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Are you ready for the 2019 Rainy Season

Pilot Management ServicesUncategorized Are you ready for the 2019 Rainy Season

Are you ready for the 2019 Rainy Season

The official hurricane season is June 1 to November 30. The period is usually a rainy one even if a hurricane does not develop.

When preparing for Hurricanes during the Rainy Season, ensure you do the following:

  • Check on these emergency items: water, boots, raincoats, flashlights and batteries, battery-powered radio, hurricane lamp, matches, hurricane shutters, hooks, and latches.


  • Keep plastic bags, nails, hammer, and other tools handy.
  • Have on hand simple first aid supplies.
  • Stock 4-5 days’ supply of food that does not need cooking or refrigeration.
  • Make sure you have material for battening up doors and windows.
  • See that galvanized sheeting on your roofs, outbuildings and fences are securely fastened.
  • If your house is in a high-risk area, subject to a storm surge (tidal wave) or flooding, be sure you know of a safe shelter; preferably with relatives or friends.
  • Trim trees with branches near to buildings or electrical lines. Also, pick fruits off trees as these can be carried by the wind and cause further damage.
  • Be sure to understand the hurricane warning system. That is the three phases – Alert, Watch and Warning. These are indicators of how far away the hurricane is from your location.
  • Keep in touch with your Regional Corporation Disaster Preparedness Committee and know how the committee works.
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