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Benefits Of Installing Femcare Sanitary Bins

Pilot Management ServicesServices Benefits Of Installing Femcare Sanitary Bins

Benefits Of Installing Femcare Sanitary Bins

The feminine hygiene sanitary bins give the genuine feelings of serenity and certainty that one is giving their guests and workers with a protected, tactful, simple to utilize and sterile clean arrangement. There are various touch-free sanitary bins available today that are the most hygienic solution to curb the spread of germs.

Discarding of feminine waste is a delicate issue. Washroom guests can feel on edge about touching sanitary bin surfaces because of the potential harboring of microscopic organisms. Sanitary Bins help people to maintain perfect and Hygienic Washroom. Below are the advantages of using Pilot Management Services Femcare bin services.

  1. Decrease plumbing issues and the cost of the same.
  2. A touch-free and smoother operation to avert nosocomial contamination.
  3. Clean and Hygienic Environment in washrooms.
  4. Safe and Hygienic approach to the transfer of sterile waste.
  5. Fantastic and Electrifying Positive input from your Female Staff.
  6. Least damage to the Environment.
  7. Smell Free Washroom.

We at Pilot offer:

A sanitary disposal system that is safe, stylish and subtle.

The Femcare MVP range of feminine hygiene waste disposal units ensure that sanitary waste is disposed of hygienically, safely & responsibly.

Our Invizi-Touch® antimicrobial additive (in the inside cover & removable tray) provides 24/7 protection against bacterial build up, from harmful germs such as MRSA, E.Coli & Legionella giving safe, effective & permanent protection.

Femcare antimicrobial scented liners are also available to use in conjunction with the Femcare MVP sanitary disposal system


  • Innovative revolving modesty flap ensuring waste is completely hidden.
  • Top cover easily & quickly removed while the removable chute (black) is easy to clean.
  • Incorporates an antimicrobial additive into the carousel (inside cover) & removable tray for added protection from bacteria build-up.
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