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Carpet Care Part 1: Importance of Carpet Care

Pilot Management ServicesCarpet Care Carpet Care Part 1: Importance of Carpet Care

Carpet Care Part 1: Importance of Carpet Care

Ever notice how a few days after cleaning, you can see dust everywhere? Building dust carries bacteria, dander, mold spores, germs, and pollen. Add this to the traffic of persons that traipse through the building on a daily basis, a lot is settling onto your building’s carpet. Today’s carpet fibres are designed to hide soil and reflect light. This means that soil trapped in a carpet is not as visible as that on a smooth floor, where the soil remains on the surface. Carpet cleaning may be time intensive but it makes all the difference in the world.


Proper carpets cleaning can:-

  1. Preserve the life and beauty of your carpet -With their rich colours, textures and intricate weaves, carpets and rugs can enhance the beauty of any building. According to The Carpet and Rug Institute, a carpet should last approximately ten years. Lack of proper maintenance can negatively affect your carpet’s lifespan and the value of your investment.
  2. Improve your indoor air quality – it has actually been proven that carpet is better at trapping allergens than hard floors. This is possible because allergens fall to the floor and out of the breathing zone and onto the carpet. The carpet fibres can then trap the allergens and particulates, reducing their continued circulation in the air. Proper cleaning with an approved HEPA filter vacuum effectively sucks up the dust in the carpet, locks it in the machine and keeps it out of the air. It is difficult to grow mold on the carpet. When carpet is kept clean and dry, mold would not be able to grow.
  3. Avoid premature replacement cost – proper cleaning helps protect your carpet investment and safeguards you from having to replace it before its time. Maintaining your carpets protects your chequebook. Remember the cost of maintaining your carpet is much less than replacing it.


In part two of this article, we will discuss how to care for your carpets.

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