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A Clean Space Is A Happy Space.
Pilot Management Services Limited is a Building Maintenance company that is committed to providing effective and efficient Facility Management and Building Maintenance Services to all our clients in both the private and public sector.

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Maintaining a Healthier Environment

Quality Control

We are more than just cleaners we are healthcare providers.

How can you be sure of high quality results and efficiency? At Pilot we believe that we maintain a building for the health of its occupants. We are the building’s guardians and this is a task we take very seriously. We are more than just cleaners we are healthcare providers. As such it is important to hold ourselves to the highest possible levels of cleanliness. The only way to achieve this is to have a comprehensive quality control program in place. At Pilot we have achieved this by using the latest technologies in conjunction with visual and biological testing to ensure your building is being kept at the highest standards.

How We Ensure Quality Control

Visual Inspections

Visual inspections are conducted on a continuous basis by your Building Supervisor. However once per month a detailed visual inspection is conducted by your Area Manger using our integrated app based on the agreed Scope of Services for the building. This inspection is entered into our quality control program.

Biological Testing

Some areas may look clean but still carry huge amounts of infectious bacteria, which is why we have introduced ATP Testing as part of our quality control system. This process involves rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through the detection of adensosine triphosphate or ATP and shows the amount of microorganisms present on a surface.

Quality Control Platform

Having the inspections and tests is only part of the equation. We are able to utilize your data through our quality control platform. We have invested in a modern digital platform that is cloud-based and  allows you 24/7 access to your quality control reports. This platform has additional features such as an online ticketing system for inquires and job requests.

Find out how we can ensure your building meets international health control standards.