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Maintaining a Healthier Environment

Summertime Office Cleanliness

Summertime Office Cleanliness

Summertime brings several attractive perks; beach trips, amusement parks, music festivals and cookouts among them. There are some downsides, including extreme heat that sometimes produces deadly results. The dog days of summer are arriving, and Mother Nature’s bite can be as vicious as her bark!

As the business owner, facility manager, etc. in charge of a commercial property, you need to be aware of key summer dangers. However, there’s no need to panic if you are prepared to combat the summer heat adequately. Here are five steps you need to tackle to accomplish that goal.

HVAC System

Your air conditioning system is firing on all cylinders working to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for your employees. That’s a good thing. Heat is the bacteria’s playground. The dust, mold, and pollution tend to congregate in your A/C’s filters. Checking and changing your filters not only maintains your unit’s efficiency, but it also disposes of the potential health risks associated with the nastiness. Proper maintenance will keep your A/C in tip-top shape and hold the office’s cooler temperature at a more efficient rate.


The computers and other electronic devices are a mainstay in an office building. There’s no doubt they’re cool tools that help us complete our tasks, but they can manage to be heat magnets. Remind your employees to power down their machines at the end of their work shift.

Throw Some Shade

Shade can be a good thing, particularly in the true spirit of the word. Whether you’re using film, blinds, curtains, take advantage of window coverings to shield you from the sun’s rays. Using shade can help reduce the internal temperature of your office by a few, but noticeable, degrees.

Dim the Lights

Set the mood by turning off some of the lights inside the office. The light bulbs in the office are generating enough energy that flipping the switch to the off position can lower the heat in the facility. If the budget allows, try upgrading to energy-efficient light bulbs. Those bulbs can produce just as much light without the exorbitant associated costs.

Summer Office Hours

Sure, it’s a radical thought, but hear us out. Happy employees are productive employees. Instead of sweating it out in a hot box, your employees may get more work done if you adjust hours to have them come in early or later than usual. If you really want to take a walk on the wild side, consider letting your employees work from the confines of their cool home offices. 


Many employees will be out this month enjoying some well-earned vacation time. Bacteria, dust mites and other unwanted harbingers of disease don’t take a break off. Partner with Stratus Building Solutions right now to keep your facility free of harmful bacteria and safe for your employees.

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