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In-house Cleaning vs hiring a Building Service Contractor

Pilot Management ServicesBuilding Maintenance In-house Cleaning vs hiring a Building Service Contractor

In-house Cleaning vs hiring a Building Service Contractor

In our industry, we are often asked, which is better, having an in-house cleaning service or hiring a professional cleaning company? In truth, the answer to that question depends on the facility in question.

Each building is unique and requires a tailor-made building maintenance plan. Therefore, while in-house may work well for one building it may not for another and vice versa?


To help you decide here is a list of pros for both types of services.


In-House Cleaner


Building Service Contractor

  • Security – Since you are the one hiring the person you are aware of who they are.


  • Familiarity– in-house cleaners tend to know the building and the occupants well. They are more familiar with the building’s personality.


  • Scheduling/Flexibility– in-house cleaners tend to be more flexible with their time and can easily adjust their schedules as necessary.
  • Time and money savings– Managing a building is a lot of work. By hiring a company you no longer have to worry about employee absenteeism, high turnover or any other related tasks. These are all handled by your Building Service Contractor. By saving you time they also save you money.


  • Better Quality of work– Building Service Contractors have the necessary experience, equipment, and training to clean your facility in a professional manner.


  •  Back-up and support– Building Service Contractor have on-site supervisors and well as area managers that oversee client contracts. Contracts are always monitored to maintain quality control.


As you can see, both options have their positive aspects. When deciding, take all the needs of your building into consideration.

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