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Office Christmas Cleaning Tips

Pilot Management ServicesBuilding Maintenance Office Christmas Cleaning Tips

Office Christmas Cleaning Tips

You spend 40-plus hours a week in your office. That makes up for over one-third of your waking life! This Christmas season, give your office space some much deserved TLC. Setting up systems and sticking to them allows you to work smarter. Meet the New Year clutter free.
  • File as you go. Set up a labeled system of trays or file folders and make it a habit to use them.


  • Empty wastebaskets daily. Don’t allow your team to fall into the habit of leaving trash in bins for several days. Garbage leaves your office space tainted with a less than welcoming aroma. It also creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Added bonus: empty bins prepares the office for clients and visiting executives alike.


  • All seating should be void of dust, stains, and crumbs. Make sure you and your coworkers check their surroundings after eating, every time.


  • If you have reading materials displayed in a waiting area for customers, ensure they are tidy and up to date. Old news is clutter and garbage – toss it.


  • Dust! Furniture, blinds, wall hangings, plants, and shelves collect dust, even if no one is using them. Dust creates poor indoor air quality. Poor IAQ encourages sick building syndrome. You get the drift.


  • Clean marks off of walls as they appear. Don’t leave it for later, because it will be left ‘for never’.


  • Wipe fingerprints and smudges from reflective surfaces at the close of the day. Not only are they ugly, they can make an otherwise tidy space look unkempt.


  • Clean all dishes in the break room as they’re used. Never let the sink collect dirty dishes. Also, ask coworkers to take turns putting dried dishes away.


  • Pin cleaning schedules and area rules to walls. This acts as an added measure of making sure that the office remains well kept at all times.


Keeping your workspace clean may seem to be an overwhelming task, but it’s not. Consistent maintenance keeps the need for heavy cleaning at bay. Finally, you will begin to notice an improvement in morale, workflow, and efficiency. Customers will also feel more relaxed and open. This spells nothing but success for you and your company. Season’s Greetings!
If you need professional help this year, contact us for a free quote. From now until December 15th, book any of our one-off services and you can win up to 100% off your entire cleaning project! Now that’s what we call a Merry Christmas!
Shoot us an email at info@pilotmanagementservices.com. We’d be happy to give you a call!
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