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Pilot Management Services Limited is a Building Maintenance company that is committed to providing effective and efficient Facility Management and Building Maintenance Services to all our clients in both the private and public sector.

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Restrooms bring in the most complaints from building occupants. That alone tells us that there is a problem with restroom cleaning. But there’s more. Even though restrooms are clearly not being cleaned effectively, somehow, they are still costing more to maintain than any other room. Restrooms gobble up 60 percent of all supplies in a building, and they present the greatest risk for slip-and-fall accidents. Professional cleaners are waging a seemingly impossible war against restroom filth. At Kaivac®, we are here to say, it doesn’t have to stay that way.


Ideal for schools, colleges, airports, convention centres, stadiums, hospitals, factories, warehouses, movie theatres, and large professional office buildings, the “No Touch” cleaning system and processes are designed to remove the maximum amount of bio-pollution and sources of odor by utilizing specialized chemicals and equipment.

Advantages of our Kaivac Restroom Cleaning program:

  1. High pressure cleaning. Removes soils and bacteria that can’t be cleaned by hand.
  2. Odor source removal. Leaves restrooms smelling fresh by removing all sources of odors, especially in hard to reach areas.
  3. Convenience. Prevents you from having to purchase and stock expensive and unnecessary equipment.
  4. Clean and safe restrooms. Your customers and employees will be protected from bio-pollutants and bacteria.

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