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Pilot Management ServicesUncategorized STEPS TO CLEANING UP AFTER CHRISTMAS


Cleaning up after Christmas is over is always a bittersweet event for most. On the one hand, it’s sad to say goodbye to the magic of the holidays. But on the other hand, it always feels really good to reclaim the space that the Christmas tree takes up! Whatever your feelings on the matter are, it’s a task that inevitably needs to get done. But rather than thinking of it as a chore, you can choose to see it as an opportunity! There are several things you can do to not only make your cleanup more enjoyable, but you can also set yourself up for success when the holidays come back around next year. Check out these tips to making the most out of your holiday cleanup.


We would recommend taking everything out and giving the fridge a good cleaning.  You can find lots of tips and tricks to clean and organize your fridge and freezer . Toss out any old or expired food and make a meal plan up to use up all of the leftover food that is still good.  I try to spend as little as possible on groceries throughout January – its a great way to get back on your budget after the Christmas spending and helps to cut down on any wasted food.


There are always at least a few carpet stains that magically appear after the holidays! You obviously want to treat any stains as soon as possible, but sometimes you don’t always notice them right away.  Next time you’re vacuuming your carpets, take a little extra look for anything that you might have missed. My favourite DIY carpet cleaner is a mix of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and water. It works really well on a variety of stains and is my go-to method whenever I don’t know what the stain actually is .


Like the carpets, upholstery can take a beating during the holidays from all of the use and abuse.  The earlier you can treat the stains the better, so don’t leave this one for too long!  Follow this tutorial to get them looking like new again and, if you have any pills, you can follow this simple trick to get rid of them in minutes!


The vacuum is one of those hard working appliances that we often forget to clean.  When I got around to doing mine the other day, the filter was a mess and the hose was partially plugged with pine needles and flocking. 

  A clean vacuum makes a huge difference in how well it performs and saves you a lot of time in the long run!  Find the step by step instructions that can be applied to almost all brands


The oven will likely need a good cleaning after a month’s worth of holiday eating! This is still one that I have to tackle but there are more than a few spills that need cleaning up. If you have a steam cleaner, give it a try to clean your oven.  It’s super quick and pretty much eliminates all of the scrubbing.  If you don’t have a steam cleaner you can always use this method – just don’t go too overboard on the baking soda or you’ll be spending a lot of time rinsing!  I’m not too much of a perfectionist when it comes to the oven – just a quick clean to get rid of any burned on spills or messes.


Our dishwasher was working hard over the holidays and took its fair share of dirty dishes!  It’s amazing how much gunk can actually accumulate in the dishwasher and it’s another one of those areas that we don’t really think about cleaning.  You can find the full instructions on cleaning the dishwasher.  If you have a garbage disposal, be sure to clear that prior to running the dishwasher


Ahhh… my least favorite cleaning task. While I do try to keep up with the basic bathroom cleaning {especially in the guest bathrooms!} over the holidays, they were definitely in need of a good deep cleaning afterwards.  Give those toilets an extra thorough cleaningand be sure to clean ALL areas in and around the toilet {including walls if you have little boys!}.  Spend some extra time on those areas like shower curtains and floors that you didn’t get a chance to clean over the busy Christmas season.  For more details on deep cleaning the bathroom and a free checklist,

So put on some of your favourite tunes and do a little extra clean-up this weekend.  The time spent will be well worth it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed just take it one room at a time – you’ll get there.  Once you’ve done some work, take some time to relax in your nice clean space. It’s such a welcome change after the holidays!


Chandradaye Motilal