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Ways To Start Your Week Off Right

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Ways To Start Your Week Off Right

Happy Monday! We once again found ourselves struggling to wake up, get to our classes, and make it throughout the day without taking a nap. But who says Monday’s have to be bad? While society and social media likes to put a negative stigma on Mondays, you do not have to fall prey to it. Instead try one (or a few) of the items on this list to put a little pep in your step and start your week off the right way!

1. Get Fancy With Your Coffee

You are going to be standing in line waiting for your coffee anyways… you might as well get something a little more fun to start your week off right. Try the latest drink Starbucks created or something you have always been wanting to try. We all know how crazy coffee shops can be on a Monday morning. Reward yourself for waking up early and getting there to stand in line and wait for your drink. You deserve it.

2. Plan Your Week Out

Planning can easily become stressful, but do not forget about all the exciting and enjoyable things you have coming up this week. We always focus on the chores and work-related things we need to cross off our checklist. Do not forget to write down/highlight/circle/decorate the space in your planner around the activities that you are looking forward to. This way you are not just focused on the not-so-fun things you have going on this week

3. Take A Little Extra Time For Yourself

After you make it through your (hopefully fantastic) Monday, treat yourself to a little self-pampering. Draw yourself a bubble bath, do a facial, mani/pedis, meditate, enjoy a nice dinner, have a movie night, go for a walk… do whatever you love to do to relax a little.

4. Pick An Affirmation For The Week

Select a positive affirmation that will help you with any challenges you may face this week. Set it as your lock screen on your phone so you will see it repeatedly throughout the week or write it down and hang it somewhere like on your refrigerator.

5. Eat A Nice Breakfast

It does not have to be something super complicated and take forever to make. Just try to substitute your regular bowel of cereal for something a little more indulgent… like waffles! You do not have to make some fancy spread for the whole neighbourhood, but try to make yourself something a little extra special to kick off your week.

6. Set A Goal For The Week

Don’t go too crazy and set a goal that it unattainable. Pick something that still presents you with a challenge, but won’t overwhelm you or is too big. It should be short-term and something that you want to improve on.

7. Create A ‘Monday’ Music Playlist

The right songs have the power to completely change your mood. Take some time and create the perfect playlist for you that will make you want to jump out of bed in the morning. What better way to start your week then with a dance party!?

How do you plan on starting your week off?

Chandradaye Motilal